Why do people garden?

When you grow beautiful trees and plants, you change your life for the better. Conifer trees in your garden such as Leylandii, and Monterey Cypress Goldcrest make you feel more in touch with nature and contribute to a more balanced ecosystem. Gardening is very therapeutic. If something in your life is causing you stress, gardening can be an escape from the stresses of life. Gardening is a good form of exercise. You exercise most of the muscles in your body when digging and weeding. You can build friendships with other people who are interested in gardening. This makes gardening useful for socialising with people. You can give people plants and flowers as gifts so you can make other peoples lives better through gardening. 

It is very rewarding to see something grow and take off. When gardening, you become aware of the wildlife that shares your garden. It is peaceful and calming when you spend time gardening. You are more likely to have a healthier diet if you grow your own vegetables. Gardeners develop a deep connection with nature. True gardeners have a gift for growing and nurturing plants that feeds everything else in their life.