Garden Plants and Pots and Grow Bags

Container gardening

Create your very own garden paradise with the help of Outdoorplantpots.com. Our aim is to provide gardening ideas and tips for growing plants, trees, vegetables, herbs and anything associated with gardening.  

Grow evergreen trees like Monterey cypress Goldcrest to bring colour to your garden all year round as well as the aroma of lemons that this conifer produces. These beautiful golden yellow conifers are easy to maintain. Plant them in all types of soil. They can grow to over three metres in height over ten years. Prune them in late summer to control their growth and spread.

The photograph below shows various sizes of these conifers grown in containers.

You can plant camelia in containers like the one in the photograph below.


Containers control the growth of these plants as they can grow quite large if not controlled. They produce beautiful white flowers.

Garden ornaments

Garden ornaments like the gargoyle and garden seat below can add a touch of old world charm to your garden.

Garden waste bags

Use garden waste bags as grow bags or containers for plants as shown in the photograph below.

Plant pots

Large plant pots have many uses. The one in the photograph below has multiple uses. It acts as a container for my Wisteria plant and a pet bed for our cat. Our cat has taken to the pot as it has tree bark around the plant to stop weeds from growing.

Climbing plants

Clematis plants, like the one shown in the photograph below, are fast growing climbing plants that look very pretty when grown on a wall with the aid of a trellis.



Use hanging baskets for range of plants like these colourful fuchsia plants below. Wicker hanging baskets as shown in the photograph have a cottage industry appeal to them.


Add water features as well as garden ponds to your garden to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Create your own fertiliser by keeping free range hens. They will be a continuous source of chicken manure The manure should be mixed well with soil as the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content is extremely high. We keep forty hens for the eggs and the chicken manure is a bonus.

Our free range hens feed on worms and other grubs as well as layers pellets. They are free to roam on land in a natural environment as shown in the photographs (below).