How to propagate hawthorn trees.

Propagation of hawthorn trees from cuttings

Take several cuttings from the hawthorn tree. They should be about four to six inches long, as shown in the photograph below:

Remove the lower leaves from each cutting, as shown below:

Dip the cutting into a beaker of water, then into some hormone rooting powder. Hormone rooting powder can be purchased from garden centres and other retail outlets, such as Amazon. To see hormone rooting powder on Amazon, click here. The cutting with rooting hormone on it should look like this:

Put some sand and gravel into a plant pot or tray, as shown:

Put weed control fabric in the pot before adding the sand and gravel. This will stop the sand from seeping through the holes in the bottom of the pot. Add water to the sand and gravel. Make a hole in the sand and gravel. Put the cutting into the hole, as shown below. Make the sand and gravel firm around the cutting, so there are no spaces around the cutting. 


You should be able to fit about five cuttings in a plant pot like the one below:

After about 3 to 4 weeks, a percentage of the cuttings will show growth. Not all cuttings will form roots so it is important to plant about twenty cuttings or more depending on how many you need. If a cutting starts to show shoots growing out from the stem, this shows that the cutting has formed a root. Allow the cutting to grow a while longer for about two weeks, then plant outside in your garden.



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