How To Use Plant Rooting Hormones, Rooting Agents And Root Enhancing Agents for Cuttings from Conifer Trees

Rooting enhancing Agents


Use of cinnamon as a root enhancing agent


Use a root enhancing agent for plant cuttings that are difficult to root. A rooting enhancing agent can increase the percentage of cuttings that will form roots.

You can purchase plant rooting hormone like “Doff Natural Rooting Powder” from sites such as Amazon. Click here for an example. However, it is not necessary to purchase plant rooting hormone. There are other agents that can be just as good. Cinnamon is an excellent root enhancing agent.

Take cuttings from a conifer tree that are about eight inches in length, like the one shown in the photograph below. Remove the lower side shoots so that there are only the shoots at the tip.

Cutting before removal of side shoots:


Roll the lower part of the cutting in cinnamon powder. This will act as a root enhancing agent. The photograph below shows a cutting after removal of side shoots in addition to the tray of cinnamon that was used as a root enhancing agent. Apply plant rooting hormone powder to a cutting in the same way as cinnamon is applied. Combine the use of plant rooting hormone and cinnamon to enhance rooting even more.

The photograph below shows the cutting being rolled in cinnamon.


Plant cuttings in sand

Use sand containing gravel to grow the roots by placing the sand in a deep plastic tray about 6 inches deep, like the one in the photograph below. The plastic tray should have holes in the bottom to allow good drainage.

After the cutting has been rolled in the cinnamon powder, insert into the sand at a depth of a few inches. You don’t need compost and nutrients as you are not trying to grow plants. The idea is just to create roots. The photograph below shows several cuttings planted in a tray of sand.

Pour plenty of water on the planted cuttings. It is best to treat between ten and twenty cuttings as not all the cuttings will root.

Place the whole tray into a white trash bag in addition to a tray as shown in the photograph below:


Tie the bag shut, as shown below:

Place the tray in a shady area out of the sun. Humidity and condensation is a good sign. Check the cuttings regularly to ensure they are kept moist.

Treat cuttings with root enhancing agent in the warm months of the year, that is, the months of June, July, August and September.

Cinnamon does not contain plant rooting hormones. Most plant rooting hormone products on the market contain a synthetic form of auxin called indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) that enhances root production.

Cinnamon acts as a natural antibacterial , antimicrobial and anti-fungal agent. When you treat cuttings with cinnamon they are less susceptible to infection. Healthier cuttings that are free from infection are more likely to thrive and produce more of the auxins that boost root growth. As cinnamon boosts the plant’s own natural auxins, it is not necessary to use a plant rooting hormone.



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